Commercial Underground Service

PES will not furnish or provide underground electrical services or secondaries for non-residential customers.

A.    All underground services and secondaries shall be furnished and installed by the developer or owner in accordance with all applicable codes except that the minimum depth shall not be less than 30 inches below final grade.  All underground material installed by the developer or owner shall be inspected by the State of Tennessee Electrical Inspector prior to backfilling.

B.    The developer or owner shall consult with the PES Engineering Department prior to construction to determine the point of connection to the underground service.  For underground services that originate from overhead distribution facilities, all risers must be installed up the pole to a point no farther away than 18 inches from the PES system neutral.  All conduits must be installed on standoff brackets or unistrut.  All conduits must be installed on one side of the pole.

C.    PES will furnish and install the material to make the connection from the underground service to the distribution facilities.