Service Specifications

PES shall provide electrical service subject to the following conditions:

A.    The standard service furnished by PES for all classes of customers shall be single-phase, 60 hertz alternating at a nominal voltage of 120/240 volts.  At the discretion of PES, single-phase service at a nominal voltage of 120/208 volts may be supplied.

B.    Three-phase, 60 hertz alternating current may be furnished by PES where sufficient capacity in existing facilities is available.  If it is necessary for PES to install additional facilities in order to furnish three-phase service to a customer, an aid-to-construction will be required if the calculated revenue margin for the customer’s three-phase load is less than the carrying costs for PES’s additions or improvements to existing facilities to provide the three-phase service at the voltage requested by the customer.

C.    An aid-to-construction payment will be required for cases where the customer requests service at a voltage not available at his site and there is sufficient capacity at another voltage to serve his electrical load.

D.    An aid-to-construction payment will be required for all costs incurred by PES to provide alternate or dual feeds to a customer.

E.    Primary line extensions required to reach the property of a new customer will normally be constructed on public road right-of-ways or within dedicated utility easements adjacent to public road right-of-ways.  Construction of primary electrical facilities in order to reach the property of a new customer may require an aid-to-construction payment in conjunction with a flat rate design charge.

F.    Any additional facilities which may be required beyond the property line of a customer solely for that customer’s use may require an aid-to-construction payment.

G.    An aid-to-construction payment will be required for any abnormal construction required for that customer.

H.    Where multiple delivery points to a single customer are combined into a single metering point at the request of the customer, the customer shall either purchase and operate all facilities beyond the metering point or pay to PES a monthly equipment rental charge based upon the cost of the installed plant beyond the metering point.