Selected Due Date

This program is available to PES residential customers.  Customers that have been disconnected for non-payment within the previous twenty-four months are not eligible for this program.

The dates available for selection are the 7th, 14th, 21st, or 28th of the month.  Customers may select one of the aforementioned dates that are less than 14 days from their original due-date.  Once the date is selected it may not be changed unless the customer elects to return to his/her original due-date.  If the date the bill is due falls on a weekend or a holiday, the next business day following the due-date will be held as a day of grace for the delivery of payment.  Remittance sent by mail must be received by the due-date.

Before participating in this program, the customer must have paid all outstanding balances in full. Once a customer has elected to participate in this program, PES will read the customer’s meter and generate a partial bill accounting for the usage since the last regular read date.  The customer must pay this partial bill and then the new due-date will go into effect.  The customer understands that during the transition to the new due-date, PES will bill for actual usage, but the customer will be responsible for paying multiple bills in quick succession to facilitate moving the account to the new due-date.  Customer charges will not be prorated.

The customer has the right to end his/her participation in the program at any time.  If participation in the program fails to assist the customer with timely bill payment, PES reserves the right to return the account to the original due-date.  Customers participating in the Selected Due-Date Program who are disconnected for nonpayment may be returned to their original due-date immediately.