Entrance Requirements

A.    Only one service drop, either overhead or underground, will be supplied to a residential unit, building or other structure without the approval of the Engineering Manager of PES and the inspection authority.

B.    Any occupancy requiring service of 600 amperes or less, not exceeding 500 volts, single or three-phase overhead or underground, shall use self-contained metering.  Express permission to have current transformer metering shall be granted only by the Engineering Manager of PES.  

C.    Risers that extend through or above the roof, in addition to complying with applicable codes, shall be a minimum of 2 inch inside diameter rigid and shall extend not less than 2 feet above the roof.  Risers that extend through or above the roof shall be guyed or braced to withstand the strain imposed by service drop conductors.  Risers that extend through or above roofs 10 feet or less shall be continuous and without couplings or similar fittings.

All materials used to guy or brace risers shall be suitable for the environment in which they are to be installed.  Guy wire shall be attached by an eyebolt passing through and securely fastened to the roof framing.  Eye screws shall not be considered adequate for use in attaching guy wire.  Minimum guy shall be 3/16 inch steel wire.  Guy wire or braces must be attached to the riser below the weatherhead.

D.    For risers that do not extend through or above the roof, the customer or builder shall install an attachment point suitable to withstand any strain imposed by the service drop conductors.  Eye screws or similar devices shall not be considered adequate as an attachment point for service drop conductors.

E.    The riser(s) or attachment point(s) shall be installed at a height and location as to accommodate all minimum clearances for service drop conductors, according to the latest revisions of the National Electrical Safety Code, the National Electrical Code, the State of Tennessee Electrical Code, and PES requirements.  It shall be the responsibility of the builder or electrical contractor to consult with the PES Engineering Department to ensure proper location, height, and orientation of risers, attachment points, conductors, weatherhead, and guys or braces.  Proper conductor length (3 foot minimum) for service connection shall be determined in consultation with the PES Engineering Department.